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Flowing peace like water

ThetaHealing® is an amazing energy healing modality that works on a molecular level. Limiting beliefs 

are removed, resentments and regrets are pulled, and healing occurs. You are connected to the light of 

the universe. Connect. Transform. Renew. Contact Jill today for a personal session or to take a seminar to experience this for yourself.  Contact Jill at 443-857-4419 or [email protected] to book a personal session, attend a class or Theta Healing Weekend Seminar and be sure to mention Spring as your gift code until June 20th.

Jill Featherston, of Theta Grace, is an instructor and a practitioner of ThetaHealing®, and is available in person, by phone, or video calls.  Se habla español. Jill has attended Theta Healing Instructor's training in Mexico, and offers bilingual sessions and classes in English and Spanish. 


 Join my Facebook Group and follow #Theta Grace to connect to learn this easy technique and to engage with this master energy healer, Jill B. Featherston.

August 4th  Guided Meditation As Part of Self Care Class. 12-2pm. Heart’s Gate Healing Center 10 14 Dulaney Valley Rd. Towson. Harness the energy of meditation to effectively and quickly transform your self care beliefs and routines. Please RSVP to 443-857-4419.

August 6th  Mindfulness Practice With Plants. A joyful class to improve intuition and enhance your connection to the natural world. 7-8:30 Corner Community Center 5802 Roland Avenue, Baltimore.

August 4th and 18th Fun meditation for the young, and the young at heart! We will make a mindful craft like a 3D Crystal grid, Mandala, feather wand, or talking stick, and play with guided meditation to connect with animals and our spirit animals! 4:00-5:30. Corner Community Center.

August 13th Crystals Guided Meditation 

October 13-15 Theta Healing Basic DNA Certification Seminar. This course will prepare you to work with the creative energy all around us to remove limiting beliefs in order to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically.

 August 29- Sept 1st Theta Healing Advanced Certification seminar. This comprehensive second level of instruction brings you further in your spiritual practices to enable you to enhance your life.

Individual Spiritual Coaching and Energy Healing sessions available by appointment on Sundays,Tuesdays, and Thursdays. 443-857-4419

NOTE: Each month, one person who joins the email list will be selected to receive a free ThetaHealing® session. 

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