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Jill has been the recipient of and channel for this amazing healing technique, blessed to study with Vianna Stibal, founder of the ThetaHealing® technique; Tara Greenway, Eric Brumett, and Sarah Faith, founders of ThetaHealing®NYC; and Intuitive Coach, Diane Haworth. Jill has been a witness to the Creator's miracles as the founder of Theta Grace.

She is certified as an Instructor for Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Intuitive Anatomy, Rainbow Children, DNA 3 and Manifesting and Abundance ThetaHealing® Seminars, earning a Master's in 2016. In June, 2015, Jill was honored to be a Teacher Assistant to Vianna Stibal in Instructors' Courses.  Courses completed include Intuitive Anatomy, RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight, Planes of Existence, Game of Life, Disease and Disorders, Digging Deeper, Family Ties, and Rainbow Children ThetaHealing® courses. Her mentors encouraged her to continue to develop her ThetaHealing® practice in the Baltimore, MD area. Her experience taking classes in Mexico and working with speakers of Spanish shows her strengths in working in Spanish.

Jill has been a teacher, administrator, and student advocate in New York City and Baltimore. Jill was raised in the Church of the Nazarene in Ohio and is grateful for this introduction to her deep, life-changing faith. Jill has always believed in healing prayer and enjoys the acceptance and deep joy found with her practice of ThetaHealing®. She finds physical balance in teaching belly dancing and enjoys this active, womanly exercise. Jill and her husband are the parents of two incredible children. They are also blessed with strong willed beautiful dogs named Cassie and Leo. All of these experiences add to her focus and skills as a ThetaHealer®.

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“I went to Jill after having badly injured my wrist dirt biking. The pain was so intense I was shaking. Jill performed ThetaHealing® on my wrist and the next day the pain completely disappeared. I was in disbelief. It would normally take weeks for pain like that to disappear. I recommend Jill to heal anyone with physical pain.”

—N.W., Baltimore, MD


"Thank you for my treatment.  I'm very impressed about the ease and comfort I felt!

K.L. Naples, FL

“I had an audition that I was really nervous about—and I was afraid that my nerves would sabotage me. Jill worked with me on my beliefs about my own abilities, my self-confidence, and my anxiety. At the audition, I was confident in myself and performed well. I got the role. I call Jill often and am always happy with our work together!”

—A.B., Timonium, MD


“I came to Jill very concerned and heartbroken about my dear ten-year-old cat. She was diagnosed with lymphoma and given just weeks to live. So I had Jill work with her. However, after a couple of weeks, my cat also lost her eyesight. I took her to the vet, expecting the worst. I was elated to hear that her tumor had shrunk! What had once filled her abdomen from kidneys to lungs was nearly impossible to locate. She was going strong, at a healthy weight, and bright spirits for an additional six months before finally passing on. I feel so thankful for the extra time we spent together—knowing that my cat was willing to stay with me a little longer. What a miracle!”

—T.C., Baltimore, MD


“I have used Jill's ThetaHealing® services many times. I've found her to be incredibly intuitive and insightful, unearthing the root of each issue. Jill has helped me through many emotional and spiritual conflicts, removing my countless limiting beliefs. She has such humor and joy that even very deep, personal work feels easy. I always get the sense that she is completely connected to the Creator—and me. I feel more connected after each session. I highly recommend Jill if you’d like to transform your life.”

—T.G., New York City, NY