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July 23-, 2018

The Intuitive Anatomy Seminar is an in-depth journey of discovery that takes ThetaHealing® Practitioners through the Body Intuitive, allowing them to intimately and intuitively meet the organs and systems. The student will discover the emotions and Beliefs that are inherent in the body. This seminar offers healing to the bodies systems through the release of accumulated energetic emotions. We then explore the beliefs held in each system and their relationships to physical “dis-ease”. Students have ample time for self-healing and work with other seminar members to clear limiting Beliefs. This is the seminar for the serious ThetaHealing Practitioners who desire to become highly skilled at scanning and healing within the physical body using the ThetaHealing Technique. 

 In the Intuitive Anatomy Seminar the ThetaHealing Instructor guides the student to:

  • Learn the magic of the human body
  • Learn that disease and disorders go hand in hand with the demonstration of emotions
  • Realize that emotions are signals that the body is out of balance
  • Discover emotional programs and beliefs that are attached to every body system
  • Understand how much space is taken up by negative emotions
  • Know the specific Beliefs that come with diseases
  • Practice seeing into the body with body scans
  • Honor the client’s free agency and participation in the healing process

The clearer students become, the easier it is for them to work on their clients, and themselves. In each system, the student will encounter emotions, challenges and issues that they’ve carried for a very long time. This seminar is designed for the Creator to groom healers. The friendships that come out of this seminar can be forever.

Seminar materials include: ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy Manual & Anatomical Chart Books. 

This seminar is a 3 week seminar. It is offered 5 days on and then 2 days off for 3 consecutive weeks. 

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA

June 1-3, Friday from 5-8:30, Saturday and Sunday from 11-5.  This course is offered in combination with Advanced Seminar June 8-10.

This powerful class will provide you with the opportunity to experience Theta Healing and to develop your intuition.  At the end of this three day workshop you will be a certified Theta Healing Practitioner.  There are no pre-requisites to this class. 

Baltimore location address will be provided to registrants upon registration.

You've experienced the power of ThetaHealing®, and now can take this foundational class to develop and practice this amazing energy healing modality for yourself. It is a fun, three-day seminar, full of light and love. Build your personal connection to the Creator. Practice listening to your intuition, and experience healing for yourself and other students.

Tuition of $400 is your investment in personal and spiritual growth. A registration fee of $77 is needed to register. Interest free payment plans are available, in addition to scholarships. You'll have break time for meals on your own, while snacks and water will be provided. Reserve your space by registering here with PayPal. Contact Jill for more information. [email protected], or 443-857-4419


ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA

June in combination with Basic DNA. Class begins after lunch break on Tuesday, through Thursday at 5, in northern Baltimore/Towson area. If you register for both classes together, there is also a $50 discount, in addition to payment plans or scholarships.

Towson location address will be provided to registrants upon registration.

Advanced Theta Healing teaches you how to work with your belief structures to pull those that are holding you back in your spiritual growth. In this second Theta Healing class, you will use what you learned in the Basic DNA seminar on a higher level. Learn about working with the Planes of Existence, like communicating with angels through communicating with the Creator. 

One of the biggest benefits of this course is receiving over 1,000 download style healings to release limiting beliefs about each plane of existence. In ThetaHealing® Advanced, pull beliefs that limit your growth and practice. Receive downloads that will improve your connection. 

The tuition of $400 is your investment in personal and spiritual growth. A down payment of $50 is needed to register. Bring a friend for a discount! Scholarships are also available. You'll have break time for meals on your own. Snacks and water will be provided. Reserve your space by registering with PayPal. Contact Jill for more information. 443-857-4419 or [email protected]