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Connect. Transform. Renew.



An individual, personal session with me can be booked for 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 1:30 minutes. You may also register for a Skype or telephone session. I ask that you plan ahead and arrive well hydrated. 

If you’ve ever worked with a life coach, counselor, energy healer, or minister you may find some similarities in the experience.

I will ask what is bothering you, how you feel, what you’d like to accomplish, etc. We will talk a bit about how we can tell which beliefs are holding you back, and what resentments, regrets, rejections, or guilt you might be holding. I’ll show you how muscle testing works, to see what your subconscious mind uses in your life experience. Based on what we find, we’ll move into the healing session.

I will ask permission to hold your hand to do a reading and a healing.  I'll tell you what messages I get from the Creator, and ask the Divine Source/Creator for your healing. You will feel relaxed, connected and hopeful at the end of our session.

You may pay for the session online or in person. I charge $45 for 30 minutes, $75 for 1 hour, and $120 for 1:30 minutes. You could also purchase a package of four 1 hour sessions for $200. 

Please phone or email if you have any questions.  443-857-4419 or [email protected]