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Love in the Time of Corona 19

Posted on August 10, 2020 at 1:15 PM

I have been meditating and connecting to the Creator of All That Is in order to release my fears and the fears of other people.

Let's consider that we all naturally have a very cool intuitive sense.  As part of this natural ability, we pick up what other people are thinking and feeling.  It makes sense that we've picked up those fears and even terror of the unknown, like death, with our intuition.  We might also be holding on to a fear that using your gut feeling will make people gossip about you or worse!    

Fears are supposed to keep us safe, but in my experience, we hold back from love and health when we nurture that fear.  

My idea for today is to breathe, have some quiet heart centered time, and recognize what of my fears no longer serve me.  Join me?  Imagine or visualize the color and smell of those fears, then ask for the creative LOVE that made you to remove the fears that aren't helping you.  In your mind's eye, imagine them moving up and away from your energy.  Ask for unconditional love to replace those fears. Imagine what THAT feels like. 

It is safe and easy to recognize and release what isn't really keeping you safe.  Consider that. Know that you are part of the love that made us. You're not alone.

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