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Graduation and Death- What?

Posted on February 8, 2017 at 11:55 AM

I've been attending a few funerals and a few graduations over the past few months.  This has given me an opportunity to think about how death and graduations are similar.  We always need a ceremony to make an idea real, and to help with the transition as human beings. That's the viewing or family visitation time in the case of a death, followed by a funeral where we try to make ourselves feel better about there being a better spiritual place for our departed loved one.  In the case of completing a set of classes or getting a degree, we have a long preparation time, photography sessions, final exams, caps and gowns, seating practice, spell check you name if you have my last name, and then a ceremony.

During the ceremony times, I feel like the fear of the unknown happens to most of us humans.  Will it be hard, will I suffer? What is next? Am I prepared for this next step? Will I succeed?  I don't want to leave my comfortable place where I've been studying for so long!  This is what makes me think that death and graduations are so much alike.  In my own reflection times, I have had the opportunity to listen to the voice of God for messages about how death is exactly like a graduation.  There is so much more to be experienced, and so much more to be learned.  The spiritual applications and lessons are incredible, and they don't stop when you move into your next  spiritual phase!

On Super Bowl Sunday, I thought about our dear friend Joe and missed the fact that he always invited us over to watch the game.  What a good guy! He always had such a big heart, and showed it all the time.  I used to have to go to his house or go to a motorcycle event to see him and to catch up, because he didn't do Facebook.  Since his unexpected graduation into his next spiritual learning time, I send his spirit love, which is better than commenting on his wall by the way!  

Consider this with me, that there are so many unknowns until you actually stop to release your fears and LISTEN to the voice of our Creator!  You can understand some amazing things, and feel the connection to other planes of existance.  It's just like graduating. You DID learn enough, and you CAN move ahead!

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